Decorating a house for my new bacc hood, using those pony walls I just uploaded and using pallets from design-seeds.

It’s most certainly much brighter than my usual houses XD

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after months of just decorating and getting my neighborhood set up, i’m finally able to do some real gameplay! myra may have dropped out of college, but she kept in touch with her old college boyfriend orion. he eventually moved in and they got engaged! they are currently adjusting to domestic life.

they also got married and had a baby, but guess whose screenshot program crashed during that part of the game. : |

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still slowly adding to myra’s little house! it’s not much but i love working in pastels.

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I’m starting to take this neighborhood more seriously. I even named the streets! I even built a community lot for it. I can’t even express how much I hate/don’t know how to build community lots.

I built two identical boxes for this one. One is a restaurant and the other is empty. I thought about building a flower shop but it’s so big, ugh. I don’t know how to decorate these things at all. What even goes inside? Wahh.

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A maybe sorta WIP inspired by this post from letthemplaysims…

(Much door. So practical. Etc.)

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Cottontail Conservatory

The first community lot to be built by City Treasury. A humble place for the community to come and harvest food for their families. There’s also a botanical conservatory full of lively house plants for sims to decorate their homes with :)

As funds grow, I’ll come back and add to this, but at least my sims no longer have to spend hours tending their gardens :>

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Alice and Rosa’s house

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Your blog is just... *_* I love your title as well; please tell me it's a reference to Marina? :3

thank you so much! and yes, you’re the only one so far who has noticed — it’s a line from “oh no!”

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